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August 18, 2009


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that picture of you and the kids hugging is SO cute. i feel like i haven't seen you in forever. glad to hear you guys are still alive!


I check your blog every day!

Natalie J

Your photos have a glow to them. A glow of life I think. Your children look are obviously so loved and loving-no doubt as a reflection of their parents. I especially enjoy seeing them embracing their all-star mom.


I love your pictures and I LOVE it when you post...so I'm glad you're back! I feel the same..barely hanging on most days. It's such a fun ride isn't it?? Family....House....work....church...it never ends! Keep posting...:)


I visited the Lyman family blog....and it looks like I need to visit there more often to see your posts! :) Great job on your stroller pushing 5k! I'm so impressed! :)


Awesome pictures! I've been a slacker with the blog lately too! I was pleasantly surprised to see an update :) Keep 'em comin'!

Account Deleted

I love your blog! Isaac is so sweet!

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