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December 08, 2009


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Jody - Your sewing skills are amazing wow! And Macy...well...I'm sure one day when she is older she will thank you. :)

Amanda Voelker

That dress is amazing! Those kids are so dang cute!

Stephanie Jensen

Serioulsy who are you!?!?! That is the cutest dress ever! And if you even tell me you made her the tu tu also I'm going to die! I need to take some lessons from you! I wish I was more motivated to sew! SO CUTE!


I can't beleive you made that! Way to go!! :) One day she'll appreciate all your effort! Thanks for the call the other night. It was great to chat. We need to do it more often!


Obviously it need the right accent.....flour!!!! I am happy to have been able to see her in her adorable dress in person!

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